Dexter's Information

Breed: Cattle Dog/Malinois?,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 3 Years
Can live with: Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Snoqualmie, Wa

Dexter is Very Loyal, sweet and loves to play fetch and tug. Knows multiple commands and is wicked smart. Needs regular exercise and can couch potato with the best of them! With proper introduction, will get along fine with another dog who loves to play. Prior to fostering with us, he was an only dog with one owner, and his loyalty was encouraged to become protective and guarding. Thus, he’s developed reactivity to certain triggers. He will need a home with a solid leader who will continue working with his leash, front door and unknown human/dog reactivity.

Pros: crate trained, potty trained, stays off counters and out of the trash. Excellent recall once relationship is established. Knows sit, stay, wait, come, roll over, shake. Fast as a bullet, loves to run, loves playing chuck-it, would learn frisbee fast. Very affectionate, loves pets and cuddles, has a silly sense of humor and loves hanging with his family. Enjoys car rides but should be crated or secured, as he’s very active in the car. Very treat motivated. Loves to learn. He makes us laugh every day!

Challenges: Absolutely needs routine, structure, calm stability and a home with solid dog experience to help him thrive. This is not a dog for an inexperienced owner. He needs a fenced yard. He’ll need continued work to help him overcome the protective behavior he has learned in his young life. This guy is a diamond in the rough. Epic potential with the correct training and leadership. He would excel at agility, scent work, and potentially competitive dog sports involving speed and accuracy.

Ideal furever pack: Dexter can be either an only or would do fine with calm, confident neutral dogs. Will need a home without small kids. His new leader(s) should be generally calm, patient, firm but fair, and have experience with “project” dogs, as he will need consistent training to grow into a calm, confident, even-tempered dog. Preferably a home with a good sized fenced yard in a quiet community. Not an apartment dog. Dexter needs someone he can be devoted to 🙂

We’ve taken him as far as our limited experience with high energy, reactive dogs will allow. He’s had a safe place to decompress, learn to relax and that he is safe. He has a delightful personality, warm and friendly once you’re in his “bubble.” In the right environment, Dexter will be a fantastic member of an active, confident, even-tempered pack. He’s a great guy!

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