Jack's Information

Breed: Holland lop,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 0-1 Year
Can live with: Cats, Chickens, Children, Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: No
Location: Kent washington

We took in jack while helping with a rescue of him and his 3 litters of brothers and sisters. He is now estimated to be about 3 months old. He will be able to be neutered.
He has a great personality. He loves to lay around the house or on the couch and relax. He is use to the noise of kids. He lives in a house with a toddler, older children, two cats, and two other bunnies (he stays seperate from them as he is not bonded to them yet).
We love him so much but have decided he would do best in a home that will have more attention for him. We are going to have to move soon, and are struggling with some medical issues. I feel he would do best in a home where he can settle in and enjoy life. He must go to a home where he will be a FULLY indoor house bunny. I would love to know the extent of your rabbit knowledge, any experience you have had with rabbits in the past/present. What your set up is going to be, pictures are a plus, and you must already have the set up ready for him.
He also must have a vet lined up for him to get neutered. The sooner the better to get rabbits neutered for health and for attitude/peeing etc.
I hope to find him an amazing life long home.
And PLEASE contact me if it does not work out for you, we will take him back asap and keep him as long as we need to find him the perfect home.
Thank you for showing interested in precious Jack jack .

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