Mango's Information

Breed: Mixed, tabby,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 13+ Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Seattle, WA

Mango is an energetic loving cat. She loves attention and will give the occasional meow to when she’s not getting enough or just wants to say hello. She loves nose kisses and likes to be pet for a while. She can be finicky about certain things and will let you know if she’s annoyed with a little nip or swat of the paw but it typically is not malicious behavior. She can be grumpy if you “follow” her around the house too much but is generally even tempered. She loves sitting on laps and will sleep at the foot of your bed every night. For a 13 year old cat she sure doesn’t act it and still likes to play and run around. She is accustomed to an indoor/outdoor lifestyle but could probably adjust to only indoor if she had to. Despite her occasional grumpiness she is a wonderful, sweet, caring cat who needs a new home

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