Midnight & Sunday (rehoming as a pair)

Midnight & Sunday (rehoming as a pair)'s Information

Breed: Russian Blue,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 13+ Years
Can live with: Children,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Seattle, WA

Midnight and Sunday are two super sweet senior kitties that need some extra special love and attention. They’re siblings and best friends. They wait for each other to eat, share drinks at the water fountain, and cuddle together if they’re scared.

Midnight is a female and was clearly the runt of the litter – she’s a tiny little black fluff ball with a very calm and friendly demeanor, and a lap kitty who really just wants to lay around and get rubs. She’s got a scraggly little old lady voice that definitely reminds me of my grandma, haha

At the same time, I don’t think she ever really learned to lick and groom herself, so she really needs regular daily brushing to stay nice and fluffy and mat-free. currently I just keep a small towel/blanket on my couch and one of those pet mitt things nearby, and use the mitt whenever she’s in a petting mood – it works out great for both of us 🙂

Sunday, her brother, is a big Russian Blue-looking giant in comparison, haha. He’s very nervous and hides when there are people around he doesn’t know, but once you coax him out with lots of petting, he’ll become your best friend. His favorite spot is the top corner of a bed right right next to your pillow. He’s also very chill and calm, though he’ll always try to interject and get rubs in also if he sees his sister getting them. 🙂

Sunday has been checked by a vet and is as healthy as possible, but every once in a while, he’s not able to, ahem, get everything quite out all the way while using the litterbox, and needs some sort of help or a pet-friendly surface to rub himself on. my solution was to use a piece of washable fake grass and/or pet rug nearby so that he had somewhere comfortable nearby to go, rather than running in to a carpeted room. And feeding wet food regularly makes a HUGE difference and keeps it a reasonably rare occurrence.

Both of these kitties are real loving sweeties who need more care and attention than I’m able to provide because of my life situation and the few hours that I can be home. They’d do fantastic in a home with someone who has the time and care to love on them, such as someone retired, or a work-from-home-er who would like a loving companion, etc.

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